«An evening with Andrey Petrov»
«Uriadoviy Courier» («Government Courier»),23 November 2010


In the framework of 4th All-Russian Andrey Petrov’s Festival, days of his music were carried out in Kiev. Hall of Columns named after M. Lysenko of Ukrainian National Philharmonic society was enveloped in the maestro’s artistic aura. Ukrainian Radio Symphonic Orchestra (conductor Vladimir Sheiko) performed his Symphonic Fantasy “The Master and Margarita” and music themes from movies.

“As everyone who was born in XX century, since my childhood I know and like “An Amphibian Man”, “Beware of the Car”, “Garage” and many other great films with beautiful music, written by Andrey Petrov. His music was so impressive that after every movie premiere it became his trademark,” said Vladimir Sheiko, conductor and artistic director of Ukrainian Radio Symphonic Orchestra.

“Unfortunately, I’ve never conducted these works before, that’s why pleasure I joined this nostalgic project with great. Everything here is interesting and familiar, first of all, humane, the feel of kindness is in everything. That’s about the music from movies. And Symphonic Fantasy “The Master and Margarita” is one of the brightest, one of the greatest works of the composer, it impresses audience and performers too. Symphonic Fantasy starts very unusually with solo of six contrabasses, and composer holds listener’s attention until the very end. Bright characters, great dramaturgy bring us for 26 minutes into the other dimension, where we together with Master experiencing the familiar story. Composer virtuously used all features of orchestral palette, adding to them church bells and organ. Of course, every performer brings to this beautiful work something of his own, personal, perhaps emphasizing some characteristics of the images. Hope we’ve done it, and according to the ovations successfully.”