«Works and days of Andrey Petrov»
«Rabochaya Gazeta» («The Worker Newspaper»),15 October 2010

Citizens and visitors of Kiev were able to be in touch with the entire diversity of the richest heritage on the concert of Ukrainian Radio Symphonic Orchestra in National Philharmonic Society.

“Talent of Andrey Petrov is truly unique and democratic”, said chief conductor of Ukrainian Radio Symphony Orchestra Vladimir Sheiko. “It’s difficult to name another composer of our time, who is as popular, among masses of listeners and connoisseurs of classic music, as he is. It repeated the history of music of Verdi and Rossini, whose opera arias were sang in the streets in the time of their life. I’m happy, that our Orchestra was honored to perform for the first time to the citizens of Kiev genial Symphonic Fantasy “Master and Margarita”, one of his last monumental works. Andrey Petrov used here all capabilities of big symphony orchestra using organ and church bells. In a small piece of work he managed to reflect the main themes of the great novel.”