«On Air – Music Universe»
«Golos Ukrainy» («The Voice of Ukraine»),16 July 2010

Musical evening was held in the Big Concert Recording Stodio of National Radio Company of Ukraine, as a part of a cycle of live broadcasts “Radio “Cultura” presents...”. Here is an interview, given by artistic director and chief conductor of Ukrainian Radio Symphonic Orchestra Vladimir Sheiko after the broadcast:

"It’s a great honor for our Orchestra to take part in the project “Radio “Cultura” presents...” By the way, we are far ahead of the same Russian project. They have a big union of collectives that are mainly engaged in recording. But I never heard about their live broadcasts with interactive communication..."

Does the level of performance is affected by relationships in the collective? And how musicians are chosen for your Orchestra?

"The quality of the performance, teamwork of music ensembles are tightly connected to interpersonal relationships. One of the keys to high results of our collective is a normal social climate. Ukrainian Radio Symphonic Orchestra over the five years of our joint work has changed greatly, a lot of new people came. For the abroad tour we can even invite musicians from other town. If artist accomplishes test by challenging conditions of a tour, we take him on a permanent job.


For the last few years we toured in 10 countries all over the world, every tour lasting for 30-40 days. We played at the best music venues from Luxemburg to Seoul, and it is very important, because that’s the way the orchestra is formed. But the main direction of our activity is still music records in favor of the Fund of Ukrainian Radio.

Recently we’ve issued the first CD from a series “Music Universe”. And it is only the beginning. Concert performance and studio work are very different. For example, now we are recording “Golgotha” by the American composer Gerald Gable, who we played live at Kiev festival “Premiers of the season”. And our performance was successful! We heard thanks from the author and an audience. However, in the studio with supersensitive equipment it’s twice harder, because you can make no mistake…"