«Ukrainian cinema music sounded in Lviv»
Radio Svoboda,
27 January 2012


 sh "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", "Stone Cross", "Zahar Berkut", "Taras Shevchenko" - films that loved by audience 
not only for the story, script, acting, but also for the music. For the first time musicians of the Lviv Philharmonic had performed the music of Ukrainian cinema.

  Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Vladimir Sheiko, conductor from Kiev, have played music from the films "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", "Stone Cross", "Island of Love", "Sin", "Andrew Church hierarch" and several films, written by composer Myroslav Skoryk, Vladimir Guba, Borys Lyatoshynsky, Vladimir Gronsky.


  In the course of the silent movies the music created the mood of the audience. During the Soviet censorship,   particularly in the art, some of Ukrainian composers managed to evade censorship and pass deep thoughts by music. In this way had done composer Boris Lyatoshynsky, author of dramatic music from the film "Taras Shevchenko" - said conductor Vladimir Sheiko.


  "Lyatoshynsky received the Stalin Prize for this music in 1951. And in the final has turned out, there is a theme of Christmas carol. "Partaigenosse" did not notice that and gave the Stalin Prize to the author. Of course, there were no pastors and wassailers in the film. But the music had everything and censorship has missed that. The music has a profound meaning. Composers could speak with initiate people in the language of music. With people who understand, revealing the content and depth of images.


  The artists are annoyed that the Ukrainian cinema is declining the last few decades and Ukrainian composers can't realize creatively. Many proposals are received from Russia and Ukrainian Air is captivated with the Russian motion pictures.


  "We perform Vyacheslav Nazarov's music. Every one say to me he is from Russia. No, he is from Kiev! But at some point he had no way out, and began to write music for Russian films. Vladimir Gronskiy is an author of music for 50 Ukrainian films. But who knows about him!? His beautiful lyrics sounds in such popular films as "The Island of Love", "Andrew Church hierarch". Tragically today, but cinema in Ukraine is developing very slowly, and we are compelled to consume foreign culture, goals and ideas" - said conductor Vladimir Sheiko.