Association «Music»

   Ukrainian Radio is one of those TV-Radio companies that have own big music collectives. These collectives are: Ukrainian Radio Symphony Orchestra (created in 1929), Ukrainian Radio Choir (created in 1933), Ukrainian Radio Folk music Orchestra (created in 1929), Ukrainian Radio Big Children Choir (created in 1980). These ensembles have a great artistic biography and they belong to Ukrainian music elite. They are united in the Association “Music” which is a part of Ukrainian Radio. This gives them opportunity for coordination and development of their work.
   Music collectives of Ukrainian Radio consist of many full-time working musicians:
   Symphony Orchestra – 83 musicians
   Choir – 55 artists
   Folk music Orchestra – 34 musicians
   Big Children Choir is consisted of 60 young singers.

   Association “Music” is a big artistic complex which has up-to-date equipment. The Big Concert Recording Studio is one of the biggest recording studios in the Europe.
  Ukrainian Radio music ensembles are always opened for different kinds of cooperation with artists from Ukraine and other countries.