The Ukrainian Radio Symphony Orchestra is an outstanding Ukrainian orchestra.

The Orchestra has over 90 years of history. It was created on 5 October, 1929 and is widely known for its orchestral skill both in the Ukraine and abroad.

Since 2005 Symphony Orchestra has been led by Volodymyr Sheiko – chief conductor and art director.                                                                                   

He ushered in a new era in artistic activity of the ensemble.

For many decades, the activities of the Orchestra have made a great contribution to the treasury of national musical culture.                    

The ensemble has produced more than 10 000 symphony music recordings for the Ukrainian Radio during its rich creative history. A unique collection which consists of the works of the national classical music, modern Ukrainian composer’s works and masterpieces of the world classic music was created.

The orchestra honed its skills in collaboration with prominent conductors of the 20th century: Natan Rakhlin, Mykola Kolessa, Konstantin Simeonov, Oleksandr Klimov, Igor Markevitch, Isaac Pain, Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, Stefan Turchak, Fedor Glushchenko, Riccardo Kapasso, Arild Remmereit and others.

The orchestra is based and produces recordings in one of the biggest recording studios in Europe – the Big Concert Recording Studio of Ukrainian Radio. Public concerts and radio broadcasts as well as the thousands of world and Ukrainian music recordings as well as film music recorded by the orchestra have played a significant role for the national cultural heritage.    

The orchestra performs to great acclaim in Ukraine’s largest concert halls – the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine, the National Palace “Ukraine” and the National Opera of Ukraine.

The orchestra has collaborated with world famous opera singers and instrumentalists, such as Jon Lord (Deep Purple, piano, Great Britain), Keiko Matsui (piano, Japan), Anatoly Kotcherga (bass, Austria), Oleg Krysa (violin, USA), Anatoliy Solovyanenko (tenor, Ukraine), Zurab Sotkilava (tenor, Russia), Viktoria Mullova (violin, Austria), Vladimir Krainev (piano, Germany) and many others who amade their bright artistic mark on the biography of the orchestra.

The orchestra has repeatedly carried out successful concert tours of the major concert halls in 17 European countries, Asia and Africa, including Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Romania, Poland, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Tunisia.






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